4D V13

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Compare Pictures

Pictures may look similar, but are they really identical? The new function "equal pictures" will give you the answer!

The function returns "true" or "false" depending on the result.


It also builds a mask that shows you the differences between the pictures you compare.


Download for Windows or Mac

HTTP Client

As of 4D v13, there is a built-in HTTP client in 4D.

This "How Do I" covers the various commands that are used with the new HTTP client.


Download for Windows or Mac

Get Text Keywords

When storing a text with a keyword index, the field content is parsed to fill a keyword list in order to build the index. A new command does the same on a passed variable (or field).

GET TEXT KEYWORDS(theText ; the TextArray) fills an array with all words within the text. 


GET TEXT KEYWORD(theText ; the TextArray ; *) fills an array with all unique words within the text.


Download for Windows or Mac

Multilingual spell-checking

Take advantage of the power of a Hunspell-compliant spell checker, capable of supporting 100 languages.

This makes 4D’s already solid international deployment credentials even greater.


Fixed Bugs 4D v13.6

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