4D V14

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4D SQL Expansion

Add unlimited external SQL connections to your 4D Server-based application

The 4D SQL Expansion allows unlimited incoming SQL connections to your 4D Server application.


Address Book

A simple address book application.

Address book


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4D SQL Desktop

Features by the dozen

With dozens of new features, 4D v14 further solidifies its foundation, increases developer and end-user productivity, and expands your solutions' mobility.


Architecture & Database 

C_Object with JSON formatting


Multi-language support based on OS language 


64-bit support for all 4D plug-ins (Windows only)


SQL Views


Expanded getters/setters


IPV6 support


Language Certification

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4D Indexes

This example database shows the various possibilities for using indexes in 4D.

There are several types of indexes in 4D that can be selected according to the type of data and their use.

In addition to demonstrating their effectiveness, this example explains how to choose the most appropriate type of index.


4D Indexes


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4D Hierarchical Lists

This example demonstrates how to use a hierarchical list in 4D.

Lists are filled "on the fly" via the "on expand" and "on collapse" events.



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Advanced Text Area

How do you create multi-style text areas in 4D?

Use different types of styles based on portions of text: Inster/modify URLs, 4D expressions, recalculations… Manage your own contextual menu in the area… This database will provide you with code examples that can be used in your own projects.


Advanced text area


Duplicate Column

This How-Do-I is about listboxes.

It shows you how to programmatically duplicate and move a column.


Duplicate listbox column


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Rotate Text

This How-Do-I is about static text and non-enterable variables.

It shows you how to orient such text via the property list or by programming.


rotate text

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