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Features by the dozen

With dozens of new features, 4D v14 further solidifies its foundation, increases developer and end-user productivity, and expands your solutions' mobility.


Architecture & Database 

C_Object with JSON formatting


Multi-language support based on OS language 


64-bit support for all 4D plug-ins (Windows only)


SQL Views


Expanded getters/setters


IPV6 support


Smooth Migration

With all the benefits that come from adopting the latest and greatest technologies, there are perceived challenges. We're here to help ensure that your migration to 4D v14 is easy and smooth.

Benefits galore

With the features and added ease of use introduced in 4D v15, you have every reason to upgrade. It takes 4D's amazing foundation and adds even more productivity and mobility to the package.


From the new C_Object to 4D Mobile, 4D v15 is 4D at its modern best. Learn what's new in 4D v15.



Disegna l'applicazione dei tuoi sogni

Per anni, 4D è stata definita come "rapida" nel mondo del Rapid Application Development. Il suo ambiente di design intuitivo rende i tempi di sviluppo estremamente brevi, dal concept al prodotto, alla progettazione, al debug, al lancio finale.


Living in Video

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Developing autonomy

Client lists. Billable hours. Accounting. On top of all that, there's the full-time work of building effective software applications.

We can only help you with the last part (although there are plenty of 4D-based solutions for the others!) but we do our best to make sure it’s the easiest and most fulfilling part of your job.


4D gives you all of the development tools and deployment options you need to be an effective developer. On top of that, we provide the support  to be a truly great developer – the kind who can not only build solutions from the ground up, but be called in to customize existing ones.


Maintenance Programm

Rimanere all'avanguardia tecnologicamente ed essere tranquilli. Con il Mantenace Program 4D, si potrà rimanere sempre aggiornati con le ultime novità tecnologiche e quindi potersi concentrarsi maggiormente sul proprio core business: lo sviluppo di soluzioni di business innovative.



4D SVG is a component that takes advantage of 4D's native SVG engine, allowing you to create and manipulate SVG graphics within your 4D applications. With it, you can create, transform, and even animate SVG images, bringing even more versatility to your solutions.

NEW! 4D v12 users take note: The latest version of 4D SVG is included with the installation of 4D v12. There is no need to download 4D SVG separately.


4D Pop Collection

4D Pop is a series of productivity components grouped into a toolbar that integrates perfectly with the 4D development environment. Filled with clever tools and immediately useful for developers, 4D Pop has many advantages.

4D Pop Collection is included in the installer for 4D v12. If you are a 4D v12 user, you need not download 4D Pop.


Parlare la tua lingua

Nella programmazione come nelle lingue parlate, 4D parla molte lingue.


Un grande beneficio, tratto dalla grande esperienza di 4D nel settore dei databese e dello sviluppo di applicazioni, consiste in un linguaggio di programmazione evoluto. E' abbastanza potente per creare alcune delle soluzioni più complesse e con alte performance presenti nel mondo, ma è così semplice che è usato da numerose università per insegnare le basi della programmazione ai giovani sviluppatori.