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Expandable HTTP client

An expandable HTTP client gives you access to more data.

Leverage HTTP to access external data
Your app can take advantage of the HTTP client to retrieve data from any HTTP server – beyond Web and Web services. Use the HTTP client as a go-between from one application or function and the world of third-party data and services available over HTTP.


A lighter, slicker HTTP client
Use less code. Use it as a proxy! With the new HTTP client, you can even build your own synchronization mechanism based on HTTP, no matter what the server is.


Synchronization and Replication

Integrated synchronization and replication mechanisms mean you don't need to create your own routines anymore.

Until now, it has been up to each developer to create the mechanisms and workflow for accurate data synchronization and replication, leading to a variety of implementations and, of course, a lot of extra development.

The following sync functions are now integrated:

XML Improvements

How do I use 4D v12's enhances XML features?

 Download for Mac or Windows


How do I generate an XML tree via DOM?

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JavaScript Event Callbacks

4D Ajax Framework can take advantage of JavaScript callbacks for more powerful programming.

Live Data

View live data, directly from your database, in your Web application.

Immediate Field-level Validation

Users get immediate data validation upon entering data into a field, instead of having to submit an entire form.

Wildcard Searches

Perform wildcard searches across all linked 4D data from the Web front end.