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Admin Window

A complete administration window gives you a heads-up view of all 4D Server metrics and direct access to primary server maintenance procedures.

Take complete control
A complete and ergonomic Admin Window gives you:


• Graphical display of all 4D Server activity metrics

• Separate panels for detailed views of users and processes

• New colors and icons to visually distinguish grouped elements

• Query/filter displayed information

• Direct access to primary maintenance procedures (verification, backup, compacting, etc.)

Resource Explorer

Manage your image and text resources for localization. Add, and distribute your resources to all your clients - live - without restarting the server.

The resource explorer allows you to manage from any node - client or server - resources whose implementation previously required the application be stopped. Whether they're files from your image library or, for example, XLIFF files for localization, you can simply manage all of your resources by dragging and dropping them on the resource explorer.


Method Editor

Write both 4D and SQL code in the same intuitive and user-friendly editor.

The 4D Method Editor lets you create methods and scripts that control behavior for 4D applications. It gives you total control over the behavior of each element in your application as well as server-side requests and database searches.


Concentrate on your code

Only relevant information is displayed in the window. You have the most space possible to view your code. Separators allow you to display and compare two (or more) sections of code inside one method.

Index Explorer

View every index in your application at a glance.

Instantly view all indexes for maximum productivity
This explorer lets you see all your database indexes in one display. This is a useful maintenance tool that will help you increase your database performances and get the best from 4D.


Index List


Structure Editor

Analyze, model and design the structure of your database thanks to a high-level graphic interface.

Design and model the architecture of your database with ease using the 4D Structure Editor.


Structure Editor


Just one click
With just one mouse click and the Properties inspector, you can add tables, fields, relations, and change settings on the fly.

Integrated Database

A powerful relational database is fully integrated into 4D.

4D provides a true enterprise-class database, with the capacity to process massive databases while keeping the same responsiveness and performance you've come to expect in 4D. We've shattered all previous database size limits to give both new and existing databases much more breathing room.

It is up to the challenge of even the most demanding projects.

Bigger Size

Our expanded capacity lets you serve ever-increasing data storage requirements without a problem.


SQL Client

Integrate the power of SQL with 4D's application building tools. The SQL Client lets you have the best of both worlds in a client application.

Take advantage of the SQL engine
The native SQL engine in 4D allows developers to implement industry-standard SQL within their 4D applications. Learning the 4D language is no longer a requirement to building an application with 4D.

Manage all of your databases
4D natively supports all SQL 92 standards. This allows you to work with both database records (DDL) as well as the structure (DML).


View every element of your application at a glance.

The Explorer is the 'nerve center' of your application development process. It's a powerful, in-depth tool that lets you look at your entire database and access each element in the blink of an eye.


Explorer - Methods

Menu Editor

Use this tool to create drop-down menus and sub-menus for your applications.

Menus are a critical tool in all professional applications. 4D has created a powerful editor to help you build them as easily as possible.

Menus… à la carte!
You can set up all of the menus for your application, as well as their related sub-menus, using a single screen.


Picture Management

A centralized library to help you organize all the pictures and graphics used in your application.

Pictures used in 4D maintain their original format and type for both display and storage.

Native support
4D supports a number of picture formats natively (JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIF, and PICT) without requiring QuickTime. In addition, EMF is natively supported on Windows, and PDF on Mac.