4D SUMMIT 2010

4D rocked San Diego

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4D Summit 2010 boasted over three days full of sessions and presentations geared towards serious developers. All sessions were built on 4D v12 and 4D v11 SQL, so that you could put the new material to work right away. Here's how it went.

Many thanks to those in attendance who made 4D Summit 2010 so memorable and exciting. Between all the learning, the networking, the good company of the 4D community, and the tremendous enthusiasm brought by all, the Summit truly rocked the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego.


From a very in-depth pre-class about 4D v12, to a full day of headline-worthy keynote presentations, followed up by an open Q&A with 4D's technical and business leadership, excellent community-led Lighting Sessions, and of course dozens of detailed sessions, this Summit was all about learning how to get the most out of 4D technologies and applying them right away.


There were, as always, unveilings of exciting future technologies and novel new applications, as well as the opportunities to relax and simply spend quality time with members of the 4D community.


We hope you'll all join us next time for the biggest global 4D event of the year. In the meantime, here's a look back at 4D Summit 2010...



You can find more 4D Summit 2010 videos in our Vimeo video album.