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The 4D Web Application Server integrates a full-featured Web server with complete 4D database server integration on either the Mac or Windows platform. There are no limits to the number of web connections.

What’s Included

  • Simultaneous use of your application on the desktop while serving web applications
  • Unlimited Web access
  • SQL database engine
  • Runs compiled applications
  • Use of components
  • SQL Pass-through or ODBC login
  • ODBC Import/Export
  • Web Services client


Available Options


For What & Whom

4D Web Application Server is for anyone who wants to deploy 4D-powered rich Internet applications. You’ll get:


  • All the software necessary to deploy a dynamic, data-driven Web application
  • All the necessary licensing to deploy Web applications that connect to other databases

Licensing Notes

In keeping with the open philosophy of the Internet, the 4D Web Application Server can be licensed for either commercial or open source applications.

Non-Commercial license

Organizations deploying web applications used exclusively for that organization’s business purposes which will not be shared, rented, used as a Software-as-a-Service offering or similar can take advantage or reduced pricing via this licensing.




Organizations or businesses deploying web applications whose application source will be licensed under the Open Source MIT License or Open Source BSD license can take advantage of reduced pricing via this licensing.

Commercial license

ISVs and vertical market developers who intend to resell use of their web applications – without using Open Source licensing – should use the Commercial license.

If you are in doubt about which license to use, please contact a 4D representative.