The new frontier

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4D has proven time and again a reliable and enduring platform for standalone software. 


Then, with the advent of client/server computing, 4D successfully tackled that arena, using the unique premise that your existing application and code could easily and seamlessly be adapted for the client/server world.


With the latest crop of network technologies – from browser-based web applications using technologies like Ajax and Flash, to Rich Internet and Rich Desktop applications employing tools like Adobe Flex – 4D is not changing its approach.


The very same solution that you created for the standalone world… The very same solution that you adapted for the client/server world… Will once again only need minor modification to take advantage of 4D’s solutions for the online world.


All the tools you need

In addition to its integrated SQL server, 4D supports an integrated web server, as well as a web services server, putting at your disposal all the tools your application needs to transmit and receive data in our increasingly connected world.


Beyond PC and Mac, beyond runtime and compiled – your solutions can now be deployed on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, iPhone, Blackberry… Have we forgotten anything?


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