Build an enduring classic

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The standalone, single-user desktop application. It's been around as long as the graphical user interface. And it will be around for a long time to come.

As trends and fashions come and go, standalone applications continue to make up the majority of software out there. 4D gives you an integrated suite of tools to create the most useful, powerful, and elegant apps around… And what it takes to run them.


Runtime application
Any 4D application can be executed in runtime
from the moment you create it.

Time to run

The fastest way to get from development to execution is a runtime application. For the uninitiated, this is where you take your uncompiled app and simply run it using 4D to interpret your code.


This means of deploying is excellent for internal solutions, when you need quick turnaround, modify your app regularly, or subject it to a lot of testing.  You can also quite simply send out your application to be used by anyone else who has 4D.





Create your compiled application to run
even faster – and protect your source code.

Compile and go

4D has a built-in debugger and compiler. This means that once you’re satisfied with your application, you can compile it into a single binary, and distribute it as a double-clickable executable, custom icon and ten times the execution speed. You benefit from having compiled, native code that’s protected from prying eyes.


If you’ve dreamt of selling packaged software – or more likely selling online via download – this is the way to go. Your users can simply install your creation, without any need for additional software. 


Expand, if you like…

Of course, should you ever need to employ client/server features – or bring your solution to the online world – 4D will help you get there. Without having to retool the application you created from the start. Just a few minor changes here and there, and you can take your initial solution to another level.