Developing autonomy

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Client lists. Billable hours. Accounting. On top of all that, there's the full-time work of building effective software applications.

We can only help you with the last part (although there are plenty of 4D-based solutions for the others!) but we do our best to make sure it’s the easiest and most fulfilling part of your job.


4D gives you all of the development tools and deployment options you need to be an effective developer. On top of that, we provide the support  to be a truly great developer – the kind who can not only build solutions from the ground up, but be called in to customize existing ones.


On top of 4D’s professional support, a very active, worldwide developer community will help you with tips – both on the development and business side of matters – and give you a forum to share your own expertise. Local and international events bring developers together on a regular basis. The 4D Solutions Partner program gives you access to even more resources, as well as exposure for your solutions and services.


And with the great success that you’ll build with 4D, you can grow your organization. Then you can hire someone to handle those pesky billable hours and accounting, so you can focus on what you love: Development.


Direct benefits to developers

  • Easy and economical: 4D integrates all the tools you could need for any kind of project in a single environment.
  • Code and Object libraries: Keep all of your code and every object you use in your projects organized and easily within reach.
  • Modular Components: Turn your most used functions into components to employ repeatedly, across multiple projects, without re-coding.
  • Pre-defined object behavior, which can be modified graphically or programatically.
  • Native interfaces on each platform.
  • Increased productivity thanks to a highly readable language, wizards, macros, intuitive form and method editors, and single-click execution of advanced functions.