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4D v13.5 Hotfix 3, 4D v14.3 Hotfix 2 and 4D v14R4 Hotfix 2 now available

by 4D Team

In line with our new qualification and delivery processes introduced with the 4D v13 product line in November 2014, we have released three new Hotfix versions: A 4D v13.5 Hotfix 3 version, 4D v14.3 Hotfix 2, and an exceptional second hotfix for 4D v14 R4.



Hotfixes for 4D v13 and 4D v14 are available exclusively to 4D Partners via the 4D Forum.

Please remember that before accessing the posts, you will need to be logged into the forum.


For detailed information related to 4D v13.5 Hotfix 3, click here.

Information for 4D v14.3 Hotfix 2 is available here.

Hotfixes for 4D R-releases are available from your 4D Store account.


For detailed information related to 4D v14 R4 Hotfix 2, please visit the 4D Store.


Hotfix releases are available exclusively to members of the 4D Partner program. Learn more about Partnership today.

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