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4D v14 R2 is now available

by 4D Team

4D has announced the availability of 4D v14 R2 to customers under Maintenance and to members of the 4D Partner program.


As part of 4D's recently announced continuous delivery schedule, 4D v14 R2 is the first R-release version, providing 4D users under the Maintenance and Partner programs new features without having to wait for a new major version.


With R-releases, 4D customers can take advantage of:

  • New features delivered every 3-4 months
  • Stable versions ready for production, with all new features 100% tested
  • A faster, more fine-tuned process more tuned to customer feedback
  • A dedicated discussion forum for R-release features


Instead of developing and distributing major releases with a large set of features every 18-24 months (as is usually done for large software projects), the release cycle has been splitt into smaller parts, with 3-4 new versions each year.


The 4D Maintenance program (as well as licenses included under the 4D Partner program) grants free access to these versions, allowing subscribers to benefit from new features, even between major releases. For customers without Maintenance, 4D will continue to provide minor bug fix releases as in the past.


The very first R-release, 4D v14 R2, includes small set of new features, allowing time to refine the new release process.

4D v14 R2 enhances the functionality of commands such as FORM GET OBJECTS, adds new commands like WEB Is server running, provides enhanced support for image transparency including now-depracated PICT files, improves on security settings for Web Area, and provides enhanced ODBC driver support for MS SQL Server, especially for the DTS import/export wizard. Subsequent R-releases  will contain much more.

4D v14 R2 also provides a 64-bit ODBC Driver for Mac OS X. 


Upcoming R-releases will see further migration of the 4D product line on the Mac OS X platform to 64-bit, as well as the first appearance of a totally new 4D Write Pro.


To be a part of the revolution, you need to be subscribed to the 4D Partner or Maintenance programs. 4D Partners and those under Maintenance can access the latest R-release via the 4D Store at no additional cost.

If you are not yet a member, learn more about the Maintenance program, as well as the 4D Partner program.


Learn more about R-release and continuous delivery here.


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