4D v11 SQL

11 Reasons to Use 4D v11 SQL

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There are numerous reasons to start using 4D v11 SQL. Here are 11 of our favorites.

Ease of Implementation

  • Simplified installation
  • Graphic environment
  • Only three executables across the entire product line

Completely Integrated

  • A single environment from creation to execution
  • Relational & transactional database
  • IDE
  • Language
  • Application server
  • HTTP server
  • SQL server
  • Numerous helpers and extensions
  • Connectivity

More Productivity

  • Intuitive Method Editor
  • Pre-defined form objects
  • Override default behavior
  • High-level, event-driven language
  • Reusability of code

Agile Development

  • Flexible data structure
  • Debugging and modification on the fly
  • Real-time compilation
  • Modular component achitecture
  • Team development

Easy Application Generation

  • Double-clickable applications
  • Client/Server applications
  • Web applications with integrated database and HTTP server
  • True application server

Open Standards

  • SQL
  • Unicode
  • XML
  • Native management of graphic formats
  • Web standards
  • much more...

Easy Maintenance

  • Integrated backup
  • Automatic crash recovery
  • "Zero Administration"
  • Automatic updating
  • Easy version deployment


  • Windows XP, Vista, 2003 Server, Mac OS X
  • Cross-platform stylesheets
  • Simultaneous connection by clients on different operating systems
  • No need to convert source code or data


  • A project can go from 1 to 32,000 tables, without stopping its operation
  • Go from standalone to hundreds of users, locally or on the Web, without changing any source code
  • Be autonomous while integrating with other systems

Economic Benefits

  • No need for a server system
  • Free standalone deployment
  • Discount for concurrent users
  • Complete development environment
  • Unlimited SQL access based on number of cores/processors
  • Simplified administration
  • Fewer development and support resources necessary

A Quick Study

  • No special prerequisites
  • Usable results from your first steps
  • Intuitive language and development environment
  • Committed to standards
  • No difficulty at all for anyone with solid computer abilities