4D 2004


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4th Dimension’s graphic environment and its ease of installation and use make it the ideal tool for developing all types of applications, from a simple music library or a contact management tool, to a professional business application managing thousands of transactions.

What’s Included

  • Complete graphic development environment

  • Integrated database engine
  • Web services client
  • Backup and reparation tools
  • 4D Runtime Interpreted


Available options


For What & Whom

4th Dimension Standard Edition is an excellent tool to help new database developers rapidly build professional single-user, client/server and Web applications on both the Windows and Mac platforms. It offers:

  • An affordable price
  • Many ready-to-use application templates
  • Unlimited deployment of single-user applications in interpreted mode
  • Projects started with 4th Dimension Standard Edition can be continued with 4th Dimension Developer Edition with 100% compatibility


Upgrade to Developer Edition

You are now confortable with 4D programming environment, you would like to start compiling and working with productivity plug-in but don't want to loose your investment price on your standard license ? Take advantage of the 4D Standard to 4D Developer Edition 2004 license, and get the full features of developer edition at a studied price.


NOTE: this offer is no longer available in 4D v11 SQL product line. If you think you'll need soon a Professional tool, consider the ooption to buy directly a 4D Developer Professional v11 SQL license rather than upgrading to 4D Developer Standard v11 SQL (see below).


Migrating to 4D v11 SQL


Upgrade your application to 4D Developer Standard v11 SQL and benefit from the new features of the latest version, with the same ease of use: new SQL Engine, Maintenance and Security Center, new commands of language, etc. Migration is a single-click process that you might execute after consulting our migration resources.