4D 2004


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A 4D Web Server license allows unlimited connections to 4D Web Applications, whether on 4D standalone products or 4D Client/4D Server products.


4D Web applications can be created using 4D’s extremely flexible and extensive built-in capabilities, and be further enhanced with the optional addition of 4D Web 2.0 Pack, and/or through third-party web development products.


The 4D Web Server license comes in 3 flavors depending on your choice of architecture:

  • 4D Web Server for deployment with standalone products (4D Runtime Single User, 4th Dimension Standard Edition)
  • 4D Server Web Server for deployment on 4D Server (any edition)
  • or 4D Client Web Server for deployment on 4D Client.


4D Web applications can be created using the extremely flexible and extensive built-in capabilities or through third party web development products.


Licensing note

If you are interested in offering Web Services at the same time you serve a Web site or a Web aplication, you should  purchase the 4D Web Server + 4D Web Services Server Bundle expansion for any of the three configurations listed above.


A specific 4D Web Server Developer Edition license is available for development purposes only, at a very special price, which can be linked only to 4th Dimension Developer Edition. This product allows you to run the integrated Web Server without having to restart each hour, as the default demo feature requires. (Please note that only the Web Server feature is turned on, not Web Services). This license is especially helpful when you develop with 4D Ajax Framework.


Migrating to 4D v11 SQL

Both Web Server licenses for 4D Server and 4D Client can be upgraded easily  to the 4D Web Application Expansion v11 SQL. If you are running a standalone product for your Web Server, you can take advantage of the new 4D Web Application Server v11 SQL, with new license schemes and pricing to make even Web hosting activities with the 4D platform even more affordable.


NOTE: 4D Web Server Developer Edition doesn't need to be upgraded, as its features are integrated in all development products of the 4D v11 SQL product line. This way you can develop all of your Web- and Web Services-based applications without any constraint.