4D v13


Communicate with any data source accessible by an ODBC driver, enabling you to handle the data and structure of a SQL data source

4D ODBC Pro provides access to nearly all ODBC applications on the market, allowing you to build anything from simple queries to transaction-based client/server applications.



  • Access to most functionality of ODBC 2.0 (Core Level, Level 1 and Level 2)
  • "Pass-through" mode support
  • Programmable manipulation of the data source’s data and structure files
  • Cloning of 4D tables as ODBC tables and vice-versa
  • Data exchange by value or by address
  • Use of native types with automatic cross-conversion
  • Ability to test available driver functions
  • Support for Binary Large Objects (BLOBs)
  • Debugging window for tracing communications between 4D and 4D ODBC Pro


4D ODBC Pro is available as an expansion for 4D Server in single-user packs. It also can be linked to 4D SQL Desktop.


The 4D ODBC Pro plug-in is included with 4D Developer Professional and 4D Team Developer Professional. A dedicated license is not required for use.