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Extend your solutions to the Web and mobile with the data-driven JavaScript development stack for business apps.


4D Mobile: Wakanda for 4D developers

4D Mobile

Extend your 4D solution to the Web, smartphones and tablets with Wakanda using 4D Mobile. With 4D Mobile, you gain a way to bring your existing 4D application to browser-based platforms, much as you would create a Windows or Mac client application. Rather than just pass data to a mobile front-end, with minimal development your 4D application gains a Web application version that can be used in lieu of or in addition to a desktop client.


What is 4D Mobile?

4D Mobile is a package comprised of Wakanda Enterprise and a bridge between Wakanda and 4D called 4D Connector Pro.

How does it work?
Keep your 4D application as-is, other than turning on 4D v14's new REST server. Use Wakanda Studio to easily create a Web interface that extends the functionality of your application – including access to all of your data and business logic as you see fit – and serve it from Wakanda Server.

4D Connector Pro, a part of Wakanda Enterprise, is the centerpiece of the package, transparently making your 4D tables and methods available in Wakanda. Furthermore, it handles sessions and data interchange with your 4D application.

Session management is easy as well: Your Web app will open connections on your 4D Server application just like 4D Client, and in fact, act as 4D Client connections. Thus, there's no need to buy any specific licenses for 4D Mobile - each session consumes a 4D Client connection (which will be released upon logout or timeout). Thus, your 4D Client license can be used for successive connections from different points of access: A user can connect from the desktop at the office, then from their mobile device while out at lunch, then back at the office, and from their tablet at home without requiring additional client licenses. The number of available connections (both desktop client and Web/mobile) corresponds to the number of clients available for your 4D Server.

Developing and testing with 4D Mobile is free, while a deployment license is available as a paid expansion.

Learn more about 4D Mobile.


Today's modern business applications require fast development, multiple device support and Cloud deployment. New devices are introduced every day – mobile phones, desktops, tablets... And today's Web solutions require a patchwork of languages and technologies and a team of experts to install, configure and run them.


Our solution: One language. One complete stack. All JavaScript.


Introducting Wakanda. One open and complete solution for all your Web and mobile business apps.


What's in Wakanda?

Wakanda Studio
A visual designer for your datastore and front end, as well as code editor.


Wakanda Studio
Design visually for just about any front-end, of any size.


Design your datastore classes. Create your business logic. Draw up your GUI. Secure your application. All visually. With Wakanda, even the most complex data structures are manageable. Click, drag, and draw relations between classes.


Enrich your UI with the power of HTML5 and CSS3. Build widgets specially for your functions and data elements on the server.


To address security, you can add users and groups with passwords. Assign permissions to your groups. Then apply those permissions to your application resources, like datastore model classes and methods.


And with just one click, your new application is loaded onto Wakanda Server, ready to test and execute.



Wakanda Server
A super-rapid datastore and HTTP server, it's a home for all your app's business logic.

Wakanda Server is made up of several parts: There is a datastore housing all your application data and models. It's run by a fast, NoSQL object engine (WakandaDB), which uses the classes you’ve defined and the JavaScript you’ve written for the application’s business logic. While all of this is happening, interactions with the outside world (i.e. your front-end) go on via Wakanda’s HTTP server. It does all of its work quietly out of the way, with a browser-based interface that allows you to administer it from anywhere.


iPad app
All your data. In real time.


Wakanda Server’s ease of use and high performance are all tied to its implementation of JavaScript (based on WebKit’s SFX/Nitro just-in-time compiler) and the datastore class paradigm. In addition to accessing data from HTML5 widgets on the front end, all of the servers data and logic is available directly to you via JavaScript using standards-based APIs (W3C/WHATWG/CommonJS/NodeJS).



Wakanda Framework
Widgets and the fast, standards-based datasources that feed them.


Mac appBrowser apps that look and act like native apps.


While Wakanda Server does much of the “heavy lifting” in order to provide a fast back end for your applications, it requires an advanced framework on the client side to keep things running smoothly. The Wakanda Framework is comprised of a data provider to communicate with the server, interface widgets for the browser-based front end, and a datasource layer that comes in between.



Licensing and Pricing

In addition to an open source option (see below), Wakanda is available with commercial licensing based on annual per-developer (development licenses) and per-server (deployment licenses) basis. Several options are available, with paid support options at various levels.


Visit the Wakanda Store



Open source community

Wakanda is also available under an open source Community license, intended for development of open source solutions. The growing Wakanda community has a home on and its forum, as well as projects on GitHub. Paid support options are also available for those using Wakanda under the Community license.