Maintenance Program

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Stay ahead of the curve and get some peace of mind. With the 4D Maintenance program, you’ll get the latest in 4D technology, save time, save money, and focus on doing what you do best: Creating innovative business solutions.


Get the latest and greatest

Keep yourself completely up-to-date with the 4D product cycle. By updating your solutions in step with 4D releases, you can follow a moderate, gradual upgrade plan and save yourself time and effort.  As soon as a new version of your product is available, it’s yours at no additional cost.


Join the R-release revolution New!

RStable, production-ready versions with 100% tested new features delivered every few months... Private beta versions... A dedicated forum...


If you are subscribed to the Maintenance program, you can take advantage of 4D's R-release schedule. In addition to the usual minor releases with bug fixes, and between major releases, 4D is delivering R-release versions to introduce new features on a more regular basis.


With continous delivery, a smaller but more regular set of new features are released, assuring higher quality and stability from the get-go – and thus a smoother upgrade every time. At no additional cost, Maintenance subscribers can take full advantage of R-releases every few months, implementing new features for both testing and production, without having to wait every 18-24 months for a major release.

Plan ahead

Under the Maintenance program, you can upgrade to new versions whenever you want. You’ll never need to skip a version or delay an update due to financial concerns, as your upgrades are already paid for.  Conversely, if you don’t want to upgrade right away – no problem. You can hold off on upgrading until the timing is right, knowing that you won’t run up any additional costs for as long as you're under the Maintenance program.


Save money

Even taking our already competitive upgrade pricing into account, you can benefit from significant cost savings provided by the program. And the longer you stay in the Maintenance program (via annual renewals), the more you can potentially save in upgrade costs. What's more, your Partner discounts apply to the costs of the Maintenance program, as well.


Get the most for yourself and your users

Being in the Maintenance program means you’re protected from pricing changes, market fluctuations, and cash flow issues. By simplifying and giving you the ability to plan ahead for your software expenditures, you can focus on what you do best, you’ll be able to deliver the innovative solutions at the pace that’s right for you and your customers.


Gain peace of mind

The Maintenance program ensures not only that you save money in the long run, but that you get other tangible returns. In addition to reducing your overall costs, your small investment now supports the research and development to more rapidly bring you the technological innovations you’ve come to expect from 4D. Not only are you getting the best software now, but you're ensuring you have an advantage in the future. 


How does it work?

The terms and conditions of the Maintenance program are contained in the license agreement included with 4D software.  Membership in the Maintenance program is voluntary, unless otherwise noted by a specific contract or trade agreement.


The Maintenance subscription applies for successive 12-month periods starting from the date of purchase of your licenses.


The main benefit of Maintenance is to free your mind and your budget of the decisions and expenses related to the successive upgrading of 4D products. Over each 12-month period, you get no-hassle, secure access to new features and updates. Secondly, you can determine the pace and upgrade policy for your solution(s).


This is a multi-year, win-win strategy, as your 4D representative will be happy to demonstrate for you.


Of course, you can notify us of your desire to stop your membership in any given year, as specified in the License of Use and Evaluation Agreement for your then-current version.


Please contact your 4D representative to sign up or for further details.