4D V11 SQL

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What's New in 4D v11 SQL Release 4

Discover what's new in the latest version of 4D v11 SQL. To learn what's new in greater detail, be sure to see the Addendum and Release Notes available in the Resources and Documentation sections of the site. For a complete look at what's available in the 4D v11 SQL product line, see the Brochures.

Internal Improvements

As an update release, 4D v11 SQL Release 4 contains numerous under-the-hood improvements and optimizations that increase stability and reliability, as reported by users in contact with 4D's quality department.

4D v11 SQL Self Training

ons, 2009-09-30 (Hela dagen)

Self-training manual and example databases to get you started developing with 4D v11 SQL. (144 mb)

Att bibehålla värdet på din investering

Som företagspolicy säljer och stödjer 4D inte bara den nuvarande versionen 4D v11 SQL, utan också den tidigare versionen. Om du använder 4D 2004 får du den support du förväntar dig och möjligheten att fortsätta utöka din lösning.


4D 2004 har påbörjat  Sunset fasen i produktlivscykeln. 4D 2004 produkter finns fortfarande tillgängliga för inköp av kompatibilitets -skäl. Vi rekommenderar dock starkt att du börjar nya utvecklingsprojekt med 4D v11 SQL


4D Plug-in SDK

The open source 4D Plug-in SDK is an essential tool that simplifies the task of developing 4D plug-ins. It writes the code 4D needs to correctly load a plug-in, allowing you to concentrate on your own code.


One of the strongest points in 4D is its ability to integrate plug-ins, written in C or C++ language. Plug-ins add to the richness of the 4D language and interface.

Add new commands
Although the 4D language already contains one thousand commands, developers can use C or C++ to come up with more ways to enhance and extend its functionality. These plug-ins allow 4D applications to meet business-specific needs or to achieve complex integration with other environments.