4D V11 SQL

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4D User Forms

With 4D, users can modify certain forms.


Starting with a classic "clients - invoices - invoices_lines" structure, two forms can be duplicated then modified by the users: "envelopes" and "invoices."


These two templates have been deliberately left "open" so the final user can modify the text, formats and paper orientations, as well as margins, objects, etc.


Each form can be duplicated as many times as necessary. This allows, for example, specifying several envelope formats as well as different templates for the invoices.

Theatre Seating Plan (SVG)

This is a simple simulation of a graphical seat selector for a theatre, showing seat availability based on a user's click.

Requires 4D v11 SQL Release 3 or above.

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SVG Analog Clock

This demo uses a simple SVG file of an analog clock, animating the hour, minute and second hands based upon your system clock.

Requires 4D v11 SQL Release 3 or above.

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4D v11 SQL in a Real Application

4D v11 SQL performance tests under real-world conditions.


Is the whole greater than the sum of its parts?


This is the question we had in mind when creating some of the new algorithms in 4D v11 SQL. Although every command has received individual attention, and while we know how to assess their improvements through unit tests, it’s the perception of the user that determines the total improvement in performance.


4D Server v11 SQL Scalability test

How many simultaneous, active clients can 4D Server handle? This laboratory scalability test examines the limits of a real application on 4D Server v11 SQL.


Since the recent announcements about scalability in 4D v11 SQL Release 3, especially in regards to those helped by improved management of multi-processor operations, many people have had questions about the number of simultaneous clients that can connect to 4D Server.


Query by Formula - Standalone

Speed improvements in Query By Formula under 4D v11 SQL.


In 4D 2004, a formula is calculated for each record sequentially. 4D v11 SQL analyzes formulas beforehand to optimize queries. The syntactic analyzer can identify parts of the formula that can be optimized to reduce the sequential parts of the query.


Sort Editor

Define the criteria and sort your data in any way you choose.

Style Sheet Editor

A useful tool to help you implement a consistant visual style across your entire application. Style sheets can be customized per-operating system to present a more uniform interface.


Communicate with other data sources through standard ODBC. Thanks to its "low level" architecture, this plug-in provides you with unlimited ODBC connectivity.

Server-side Code Execution

The method parameter "Execute on server" allows a method to be executed on the server, considerably reducing the number of requests exchanged with the client.