4D V13

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Certification Matrix

tis, 2012-02-14 17:00

Certification matrix for 4D v13

4D Hierarchical Lists

This database demonstrates how to use a hierarchical list in 4D.

New for 4D v13: A new event is now generated when an item deletion is requested. The "effective" deletion is done by programming.


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4D Indexes

This example database shows the various possibilities for using indexes in 4D.

There are several types of indexes in 4D that can be selected according to the type of data and their use.


In addition to demonstrating their effectiveness, this example explains how to choose the most appropriate type of index.


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4D Listbox

This example database demonstrates the Listbox object capabilities in 4D.


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4D Objects

This database demonstrates all of 4D's interface objects.

To access each object, you can either click on the picture buttons on the left side of the form or select it directly from the drop-down menu. 


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4D Pictures

This example database shows the picture processing that is possible in 4D.

Pictures can be displayed in different ways (truncated, replicated, etc.). They can be transformed (cropped, stretched, etc.).


It's also possible to import and export images, as well as to change them from one type to another (from .JPG to .PNG, for example).


These possibilities as well as others are demonstrated in this database.


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This example database demonstrates the possibility of carrying out queries via the 4D language as well as SQL.

Specific examples show both languages in parallel so that they can be compared easily and in order to highlight their respective advantages.


Comments and explanations are provided during the execution of these queries.


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4D Static Web Builder v2

This application shows how a relational database can be published on the Web either as static or dynamic pages.

It also shows how to transfer, via FTP and using 4D Internet Commands, the static site that is generated.


Further indications are given during the demonstration.


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Compare Pictures

Pictures may look similar, but are they really identical? The new function "equal pictures" will give you the answer!

The function returns "true" or "false" depending on the result.


It also builds a mask that shows you the differences between the pictures you compare.


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Database Events

This "How Do I" gives you an example of the new database method 'On System events' management.

The new events supported by this new method apply to background or foreground application moves.


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