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What's the minimum version of 4D required to use 4D for Flex?

The minimum version of 4D required is 4D v11 SQL Release 2 (11.2)

Can you lock records in 4D for Flex?

You can use the SELECT FOR UPDATE feature. Please see the manual for more information.

Is 4D for Flex compatible with other SQL data sources?

No, it uses a SQL protocol specific to 4D SQL Server.

Does 4D for Flex require modifying existing code?

No server-side code is necessary, but you'd better add some security control in the new On SQL Authentication database method.

Can I call existing 4D code with 4D for Flex?

Yes, you can call 4D methods published for SQL.


Simply check the "Available through SQL" box in the method Properties Editor, and call it from your SQL code.


See the provided examples for how this is done.

Does 4D for Flex require 4D Server?

Not for development, but for deployment, yes.

What's required for development with 4D for Flex?

Apart from a 4D SQL server, you need the Flex SDK.


You can get if for free from Adobe's site ( and use it with the command-line, or use the commercial IDE Flex Builder provided by Adobe.

What user interface controls does 4D for Flex provide?

4D for Flex currently offers:


• custom DataGrid inheriting from Flex DataGrid

• some navigation controls (like automatic first-next-last...)


But you can also use Flex UI Controls like the Adavanced DataGrid, available in Flex 3 Builder Pro:

Is there any utility tool for debugging communications in 4D for Flex?

There is no utility like an HTTP sniffer, as 4D for Flex uses binary sockets.

But you've got:

• a SQL Server side log – See the provided examples for how to activate it.

• an AIR component for tracing communication between Flex and 4D

How big is 4D for Flex?

• The 4D for Flex component (Flex4D_SQL.swc) is 524k by itself.

• The Flex4D+Controls.swc (DataGrid…) weighs in at 716k.

• A demo like Spending (including both components) is 388k.