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Nosco a web-based tool for scenario analysis, trend research and prognosis in the field of corporate foresight. It can be used by corporations of any sector and size for stratety and risk management, marketing studies and stress testing. Its aim is to foresee actual developments, to prognosticate eventual aberrations and to react adequately. Additionally, Nosco develops target achievement strategies, first of all to reach desired points in time and quality, and secondly to present different approaches to meet the goal. The concept is based on the principles of Collaborative Cognitive Computing, by which Nosco evaluates users input information (Swarm Intelligence) and it automatically interprets Internet data (Sentiment and Interrelation analyses by webcrawling, RSS feeds, big data analyses) in order to build up an intelligent platform for strategic thinking. The brokerage function concurrently delivers intelligent abstracts about developments, risks and solution strategies and sends them via e-mail to the appropriate users automatically. Continuous feedback and validation of content scenarios lead to constantly improving quality.
Utvecklad av : Softmark AG