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Global Find and Replace

A powerful, application-wide search and replace tool lets you find any item in the design environment.

Searches can be broad (any object, text, by “contains,” etc.) or more restrictive (search a specific constant using the full name), and 4D v12's Find dialog is intuitive and easy to use.

More search options

Search options allow you to fine-tune your criteria, such as using "Language expression" to find variables based on operators, finding commands, forms, tables or any object containing a specific text, define your search mode by providing four comparison operators or wildcard, specifying a particular folder to narrow the scope of a search, or even searching by the parent item's modification date.


Results display

For better readability, search results are grouped by type of object, and then alphabetically. A toolbar at the bottom of the results window allows you to control how you see the list, such as collapsing and expanding by object type.


Replace in content

You can rename or replace any expression, with the replacement performed for every object in the list. FOr example, you can use Replace in Content to change the name of a form everywhere that it appears. You can even specify to exclude items from this replacement function.


Beyond the dialog

Global Find and Replace isn't limited to one main dialog. 4D v12 adds two main features to make code refactoring easier: Find Unused Methods and Global Variables and Find Unused Local Variables. This powerful feature can be very useful for "code cleaning" sessions, and can be accessed by menu or simply by right-clicking on a method or variable in the Method Editor.


The right-click can even be used to rename every instance of a variable throughout the application directly from the Method Editor. 




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