4D V14

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4D Web Services Expansion

Web services can be consumed or published. The ability to consume Web Services comes as a standard feature in 4D. This additional license is necessary to publish Web services.

Your 4D application can publish Web services in either DOC or RPC style, with just a single click. In addition, you get programmatically controllable security features and automatic WSDL (Web Services Definition Language) publication.


4D Hierarchical Lists

This example demonstrates how to use a hierarchical list in 4D.

Lists are filled "on the fly" via the "on expand" and "on collapse" events.



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4D Indexes

This example database shows the various possibilities for using indexes in 4D.

There are several types of indexes in 4D that can be selected according to the type of data and their use.

In addition to demonstrating their effectiveness, this example explains how to choose the most appropriate type of index.


4D Indexes


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Duplicate Column

This How-Do-I is about listboxes.

It shows you how to programmatically duplicate and move a column.


Duplicate listbox column


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Rotate Text

This How-Do-I is about static text and non-enterable variables.

It shows you how to orient such text via the property list or by programming.


rotate text

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Save as Reference

This How-Do-I demonstrates how to save a value by reference (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4) instead of by value (e.g. Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., etc.).

save as reference


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Save Screen Geometry

This How-Do-I demonstrates how 4D can automatically save – without any programming – the position of your windows, form objects, and values of certain objects (tabs, rulers, radio buttons, etc.).

Save screen geometry


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Scroll Two PIctures at Once

This How-Do-I demonstrates how to synchronously scroll two images at once with the OnPictureScroll event.

Scroll two pictures


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Set Datasource

This How-Do-I will show you how to modify the "source" of a form object programatically, no matter the type (text field, rule, checkbox, dropdown, etc.).

Set datasource


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Set Drag Icon

How do you make it so that the object that you want to move has its own custom icon when it’s dragged and dropped

This How-Do-I example will show you how the new SetDragIcon command allows you to do it.


set drag icon


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