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Documentation Update Release Note

To make it even easier to keep up with what’s new in 4D documentation, these release notes point out the latest corrections and changes in the online documentation that you may have missed. They highlight updated information that is not covered by our regular upgrade manuals.
The edits included are sometimes due to documentation errors (rare as they may be), or are just to provide additional details that were missing. 


4D Language Reference manual

Print margin commands

The SET PRINTABLE MARGIN and GET PRINTABLE MARGIN commands used to manage printing margins now indicate that they also apply to PRINT SELECTION and

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  • Documentation Update Release Note (2)

    Release notes keep you up to date on recent corrections and changes in the online documentation that you may have missed. The edits covered are sometimes due to documentation errors, or are just to provide additional details. These notes include updated information that may not be covered in our regular upgrade manuals.




    4D Language Reference manual

    Compiler directives

    In the Using Compiler Directives section, we added a table of default values for variables typed by means of compiler directives.

    New continuous delivery program: What about the documentation?

    We're adapting 4D's documentation to accompany the Continuous Delivery Program for 4D applications. Here’s how it will work.


    4D Doc Center


    We've added a new "4D v14 R2" tab to Doc Center. It contains the "4D v14 R2 - Upgrade" manual and all 4D documentation that will be labeled "R2". In other words, developers using version 4D v14 R2 have access to all the 4D documentation they need from this tab.

    For the diehard PDF fans among you

    Due to popular demand, we are pleased to announce that 4D documentation is now available in PDF format. You can download PDF versions from the Doc Center homepage or directly on our FTP site.


    For the time being, only the international English, French and German versions of the 4D v12 documentation are available in PDF. The procedure used to extract and convert the data into PDF manuals is still in the development stage and may need some additional improvement.


    Please keep in mind that PDF versions are static by nature, and that any information they contain may have already been updated in the live HTML version, which remains the reference documentation.



    The 4D Documentation team

    Oops! We spoke a little too soon!

    The documentation got a little ahead of itself: in the 4D addendum v12.1, we announced a reorganization of 4D HTML tags, with the arrival of the 4D TEXT and 4DHTML tags (see section Renaming 4D HTML tags).


    Unfortunately, although this new feature is expected in the very near future, it was not integrated in the first public version of 4D 12.1. So don’t go around filling your Web pages with 4DTEXT and 4DHTML tags just yet, 4D won’t recognize them! We’ve added a note to the addendum to explain that these tags will actually be implemented in the next version of 4D v12, in other words 12.2 (and 12.1 Hotfix 1 for Partners).


    Your own personal doc

    4D Doc Center is constantly changing so as to better meet the needs of 4D developers.  Already, several new functions are available so that you can customize page display and access to information: you can choose the number of columns displayed, the display of the syntax, the text contrast and you can add your own tags. However, in order to take advantage of all these functions, you will first need to identify yourself.



    Mind Your Language

    The link to the new documentation, which can be activated from 4D's Method Editor or Explorer, and defined by language preferences (see F1 Help) now accepts a language code as a parameter.


    In certain cases, the default URL ( can wind up showing a help page in the wrong language. The language choice is made, on 4D's side, only as a function of the language being used for the commands (English or French). It's up to the browser to display one of the other available versions, based upon its own language settings.


    Static version of the Doc Center

    All of the HTML documentation for 4D v11 SQL is now freely downloadable in a static offline version. You'll gain the benefit of instantly displaying the documentation, eliminating the need to be online to look up commands in 4D and other v11 products. On the other hand, you will not be able to take advantage of the live Doc Center's dynamic and personalized features.

    To download the static version of the documentation, please visit the Doc Center home page and choose your download from the "Static Versions" area:


    Doc Center


    Please note that you must be logged in (using the login link at the top of the page) to be able to access the download area.


    F1 Help

    In the 4D Method editor, you can access the HTML documentation for a command by placing the cursor over the command and hitting the F1 key. You can also double-click on the command name in the Explorer. In order for this system to work with the new 4D Doc Center, you will need to change a setting in the Preferences of your 4D application.


    First open the Preferences dialog box and select the "Documentation" section of the "Design Mode" theme. Here you will find a page containing the address of the Web site used to access the on-line documentation. For the 4D V11 SQL product range, you will need to indicate:



    The Preferences Window