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Objects and JSON

This How-Do-I presents all of the new commands for generating and parsing structured objects (like JSON).


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Webkit Integration

As of 4D v13, the Web Area function of 4D integrates the Webkit rendering engine, using the same engine in under both Windows and Mac.

As a result, Web pages will have the same appearance and behavior on both platforms, ignoring Internet Explorer on Windows.


This demo shows how web interfaces look under the Webkit rendering engine.


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4D Static Web Builder v2

This application shows how a relational database can be published on the Web either as static or dynamic pages.

It also shows how to transfer, via FTP and using 4D Internet Commands, the static site that is generated.


Further indications are given during the demonstration.


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Web Area

How do I use Web Area in different ways?

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How do I use HttpXMLRequest and JSON with 4D?

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Web Features In v11 SQL

Four "How Do I?" examples on how to use various Web features of 4D v11 SQL

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Web Services

4D offers easy consumption and publication of Web Services

Web Services allow an application to call another application using standard protocols such as SOAP and WSDL, independent of the platform or language used.


Since 4D Web Services are written to support Internet standards, they allow 4D developers to build applications that communicate across a local network as well as over the Web.


4D can act as a Web services client, a Web services server, or both.

Web Services Server

4D has one-click integration with Web Services, making it easy to take advantage of the Web's openness in a 4D application.

Web Services Client

Easily call on Web Services using 4D as a Web Services Client.

4D Web 2.0 Pack

Integrate Web 2.0 functionality into your applications using 4D Web 2.0 Pack, a set of tools, plug-ins and components that help you build more dynamic Web applications.