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Got something to say? Join our talk lists and give your input to the 4D community! 4D's talk lists are email-based discussion forums where users can share ideas and ask questions about various 4D topics. For those wanting summaries of discussions, digest versions are available for all 4D-maintained mailing lists.


4D Tech

The 4D Internet Users Group (4D iNUG) provides an Internet forum for users and developers of the 4D RAD / RDBMS (relational and Web database environment for Macintosh and Windows) to exchange ideas and techniques, discuss problems and solutions, swap code fragments, announce 4D jobs and products, and basically help each other out.

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4D Biz

The 4D Biz Mailing List covers mostly non-technical discussions of interest to the 4D developer community such as licensing issues, running a business, the bidding process, documentation, and copyrights. Technical discussions that are off-topic or have become off-topic on the 4D Tech Mailing List can also be further discussed on this list.

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4D Pub

The 4D Pub Mailing List is an informal forum for 4D netizens to hang out with each other, chit chat, plan / announce IRL (in real life) get-togethers with fellow 4D netizens, and just have fun!
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4D Basics

New to 4D and filled with questions? You're not alone. 4D Basics is the talk list for you. Here you can ask those 'how-to' questions and post those 'help!' requests. The list is frequented by 4D developers who have an outstanding ability to teach and mentor. Here you'll find great strategies and tips to get you going quickly!

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4D Plug-Ins

The 4D Plug-in Talk list is a e-mail-based discussion list dedicated to 4D Plug-in developers. If you are already a 4D Plug-in developer or are considering getting into developing a plug-in, the 4D Plug-in Talk list is a must.

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4D News

Get the latest 4D News as soon as it's announced. Be the first to learn about new releases, updates, special offers and events.

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4D Blogs

Hear directly from the people who make 4D work every day – the engineers, developers, and creative thinkers behind the tools responsible for business solutions used the world over.

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4D has a rich history of community participation on our email lists. The email list archives provide a wealth of shared information and experiences from the 4D development community.


Why two archives? Gmane is the older of the two archives and has messages dating back to the early 2000's. If your looking for the most history, Gmane is the place to go. Nabble is a more recent addition and has contemporary features like a powerful search and RSS feeds.


Both archives are an excellent resource for any 4D developer.



Gmane (pronounced "main") is an excellent 4D email list archive. Gmane has a large archive of 4D iNUG messages dating back to the early 2000's. Gmane only archives the 4D iNUG email list.

4D Tech archive at Gmane


Nabble provides excellent search features and the ability to post new messages directly to the list. The nabble archive doesn't go back quite as far as Gmane but it is still an excellent resource.

4D Tech archive at Nabble

4D Biz archive at Nabble

Other 4D list archives at Nabble