Share your memories and help us celebrate 30 years!

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Calling the entire 4D community! Whether you've been here since version 1.0 or v14, we want you to share your favorite memories with us.

We've called upon our former Director of Marketing, jean-Michel Biraghi, who is still a member of the 4D community, to help prepare our 30th anniversary celebrations, which will take place at the upcoming 4D Summits in San Antonio and Paris.


With the help of our longtime video guy Omid, whose work you know from previous Summits, we hope to show you a historic, humorous, multi-faceted, Fellini-esque, Dantean EPIC of a film at this year's event.


To do this, we're counting on you to share your memories, your good will and the depths of your drawers!


4D has been around for 30 years, and some of you have been clients from the very first moments in 1984, others for a shorter time but no less significantly! You've shared part of your life with 4D, or made a living via 4D, and thus as a member of our global family, you have surely had some magical moments, amazing experiences, victories, emotions and big laughs. We want you to show and tell it all!


We are now hereby accepting (but not limiting submissions to):

  • - photos of you, of us, of the 4D community, of your customers, of where you're installed
  • - film, no matter what quality (as long as it's digitized)
  • - written anecdotes
  • - documents, press clippings, ads
  • - filmed testimony (let Jean-Michel know if you're up for a brief recorded interview via Skype, details below)
  • - etc.


Share your story of 4D, whether you have only 1 or all 30 years of experience!


To do so, please upload your materials as a ZIP archive, with information on how to contact you, via the write-only dropbox below:

Address:  ftp.4dbox.4d.com
Login: droppub
Password: tct8d-dhj

Please include your name in the filename of the archive in order to prevent any confusion, or you can write to Jean-Michel right away at jean-michel [dot] biraghiat4d [dot] com, or catch him on Skype: jmbiraghi


We can't wait to see what your memories hold as we work on this project over the summer.


One last thing: When providing your material, save whatever you find just for us, so that everyone can be surprised by your treasures when we unveil them!


See you at 4D Summit 2014!