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Minor update to 4D v12.6 spell check on Windows

by 4D Team

A small update for 4D v12.6 for Windows regarding a spell check issue is now available. This update can be performed by re-downloading the installer or simply replacing a DLL file.


In 4D v12.5 Hotfix 1, we had corrected a small problem in the Cordial spell check DLL, wherein the abbreviation of the word "included" (incl.) was not properly recognized.


This DLL was overlooked in the release of 4D v12.6, but we have quickly replaced the Windows 32-bit installer on our servers. Thus, anyone downloading now will have the version with the correct DLL.


However, for those who do not wish to re-download and re-install 4D v12.6, one can simply replace the CordialSpeller.dll file directly in 4D in the following location:




And for 4D Volume Desktop at:


4D\Resources\Spellcheck\4D Volume Desktop


The correct version of CordialSpeller.dll (version can be downloaded here.


If you are re-installing 4D v12.6, you can check that you have the correct version of the installer,


We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused you.

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