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New continuous delivery program: What about the documentation?

by Doc Team

We're adapting 4D's documentation to accompany the Continuous Delivery Program for 4D applications. Here’s how it will work.


4D Doc Center


We've added a new "4D v14 R2" tab to Doc Center. It contains the "4D v14 R2 - Upgrade" manual and all 4D documentation that will be labeled "R2". In other words, developers using version 4D v14 R2 have access to all the 4D documentation they need from this tab.

This new tab is only visible to our Partners during the beta-test phase. It will be made public after the official release.
We'll create a new tab for each new release (R3, R4 and so on) and replace the previous "R" tab, up until integration of the last of the series in 4D v15.


We'll also maintain the standard 4D documentation (v14.x) on its own tab and we'll continue to update it based on changes in 4D (minor implementations, corrections). However, this documentation will not contain any of the new features that are part of the "R" releases.


As usual, all manuals will be also be available in static HTML or PDF format.


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