NEW IN 4D V14 R2

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As the first R-Release, 4D v14 R2 concentrated more on stability and bug fixes than on new features.


However, several new functionalities were made available – please see below.


New features in 4D v14 R2

Mac OS X 64-bit

The very first R-release, 4D v14 R2, includes only a smaller set of new features as we have primarily focused on refining our new release processes.


4D v14 R2 enhances the functionality of commands such as FORM GET OBJECTS, adds new commands like WEB Is server running, enhanced support for image transparency including now-depracated PICT files, improved security settings for Web Area, as well as enhanced ODBC driver support for MS SQL Server, especially for the DTS import/export wizard. Subsequent R-releases  will contain much more.


4D v14 R2 also provides a 64-bit ODBC Driver for Mac OS X. 

Upcoming R-releases will see further migration of the 4D product line on the Mac OS X platform to 64-bit, as well as the first appearance of a totally new 4D Write.


Stay tuned for more features to be added in upcoming R-release versions!


See documentation for details.