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ORDA - 4D v17


Spice up your application with an object oriented design

Enter another dimension. A dimension where your database is used with an object-oriented approach. Where you don’t need to worry about its physical structure. A dimension where your code is cleaner, shorter and easier to understand.


The way you manage data will never be the same again.

You’ve just crossed over into the ORDA world!


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4D Language better than ever

Write high quality code... faster

With Object Notation, your code is simple to write and read, easy to maintain, and more natural to think.

Boost productivity with more than 40 new built-in methods to help manage collections.


1000+ thread safe commands right at your disposal. Switch to the pre-emptive mode for increased performance and more connected users.


Communication between forms has simplified immensely. It’s time you get rid of your complex code and global variable hassle.


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4D language - 4D v17
4D Write Pro - 4D v17

Go further with 4D Write Pro

More flexible, more powerful, and more feature-rich than ever

A variety of features at your disposal to help create any document you need: reports, invoices, brochures, resumes, and much more.

With the combination of programming capabilities and automatic mechanisms, 4D Write Pro can take your imagination to the limit.


Discover 4D Write Pro’s capabilities and the many areas where it exceeds 4D Write. It’s time to step into the future!


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Enhanced User Experience

Design a tailor-made experience with these ready-to-use tools

Make your multi-monitor life a breeze and take advantage of SDI mode, the #1 requested feature on Windows.


Imagine the possibility of building forms just by using a JSON description of their content? No need to imagine, dynamic forms that adapts to your users’ needs are the answer!


Simplify UIs by taking full control of List boxes. Thanks to customizable highlight colors and help tips on cells, List boxes are more engaging and intuitive to use!


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User Experience - 4D v17
Security - 4D v17

Key Security Improvements

Boost the data protection of your business application

The security level of 4D Server and 4D Web Server has been enhanced.

Upgrade to 4D v17 and get an A+ ranking from SSL Labs for your web based applications.


Thanks to VSS compatibility, benefit from a seamless integration with snapshot industry standards for a high level of data protection.

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More than 70 new features at your disposal
with this groundbreaking release!