NEW IN 4D V15 R2

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R2R-releases are available exclusively to 4D Partners and those subscribed to the Maintenance program. They available freely for download but require the correct product number as provided through the Partner or Maintenance programs.


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64-bit support grows across the product line

4D Server 64-bit – Finalized version

On the path to a fully 64-bit 4D product line, another milestone has been reached: 4D Server 64-bit is now ready for deployment.


64-bit evolution 

4D Developer Edition – 64-bit preview

In addition to releasing 4D Server 64-bit for OS X in its final form, we are also giving 4D v15 R2 a developer preview version of 4D Developer Edition 64-bit for both Windows and OS X.


Preview versions are released to 4D Partners and customers under Maintenance, in order to fully test their solutions ahead of production releases – and thus be ready for production as soon as the release is finalized.


While 64-bit support allows the addressing of more RAM, which in turn allows for more users and faster data handling, a redesign of 4D will bring developers and end users fantastic new possibilities and features. Without adding any new code, end users will benefit from three brand new user interfaces and features – simply upgrade 4D and users will get all the latest benefits.


+ Redesigned Quick Report

Major improvements and a full redesign of the Quick Report user interface have been made for the 64-bit versions of 4D.




+ Redesigned label editor

The label editor is being redesigned for 64-bit versions of 4D. End-users will automatically benefit from a better experience without requiring any modification of your code, with new and interesting possibilities added, such as drag-and-drop of pictures from the desktop, automatic zoom, a smart contextual menu, direct access to custom labels, and more.



+  Redesigned property list

For 64-bit versions, the Form Editor property list has been totally redesigned using full 4D code. This is now a list box using independent control types per cell as available in first version of 4D View Pro in 4D v15.


Property list (click to enlarge)


Form draw rewritten for a smoother OS X user experience

The way 4D draws forms on OS X has been fully rewritten in 64-bit to modernize the application. The code now relies on the OS, and users will automatically benefit from system animations. See examples in the video below:



4D Write Pro 

4D Write ProArchive 4D Write Pro documents on disk

Just as it is today with 4D Write, 4D Write Pro users can export and import documents to and from a database. 4D v15 R2 also contains a command to load and save this format as a BLOB. 




Download example database


4D Objects

Define variable as object type in Form Editor

The object field was first introduced in 4D v15. 4D v15 R2 now introduces the ability to select an object as variable type in a form field property list.


If you have already started implementing 4D Write Pro within your application, you can now directly use a 4D Write Pro selection as a dynamic variable.

Property list



Network management & security improvements

Disable HTTP TRACE method in 4D Web Server

For security reasons, an option restricting 4D Web server from answering to HTTP TRACE requests has been added. To follow standard security recommendations, this option is set by default. For application analysis purposes, you reactivate this at any time. 



New network layer – Finalized version

4D's fully rewritten, modern network stack has been certified and is now ready to be used for deployment. This new stack is used to communicate between 4D Server and remote clients, as well as in commands such as HTTP client. This redesign is an investment in the future, making optimizations and further evolution possible. It is available in both the OS X and Windows versions.




Updated features

Form wizard

This feature has been updated and modernized by customer demand: The variable name of any object, such as a button, checkbox or splitter is no longer automatically assigned a default ID. By doing this, and by using dymamic variables as opposed to the object variable name, will permit your application to save memory resources.



Form Editor


4D license activation: A simplified process

As of 4D v15 R2, the license activation process has been simplified. For example, the license activation for 4D Server, especially with many Client or Plug-in expansions, has been greatly simplified. It is no longer necessary to enter every single license number. Only the 4D Server number is needed to automatically activate every connected expansion.

PlayWatch a video demonstration


Furthermore, if a user purchases additional expansions later on, simply clicking on the new “Refresh” button is all that is necessary to fetch and activate the associated expansions.


PlayWatch a video demonstration


The license activation mechanism will continue to improve over upcoming R-releases.


Available now

All of these features are tested and production-ready (with the exception of those designated as previews), and they are immediately available in 4D v15 R2. Download now. 

Learn more about R-releases here.