Be everywhere

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Applications have moved beyond the desktop, and very recently have become fully functional on the Web. And Web 2.0 has now moved – perhaps ironically – beyond the web browser.
Adobe AIR app
A 4D-based planner application running as an
Adobe AIR app with offline capability.

With the advent of technologies like Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), the iPhone, Adobe AIR, HTML5 and Google Gears, web applications are making their way to more platforms than ever before.


This is largely due to Ajax, a conglomeration of web-based technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. And thanks to 4D Ajax Framework, you don’t necessarily have to know how to code in any of them to bring your 4D applications into the Web 2.0 world.


Part of 4D Web 2.0 Pack, 4D Ajax Framework is a different kind of Ajax library: It is – like 4D itself – an integrated platform built on the belief that business application developers should focus on solving business problems, not learning new languages. 4D Ajax Framework lets you focus on building the powerful web applications your customers want, without overhauling your 4D application.


iPhone Dashboard
Your live 4D data is accessible
just about anywhere.

Bring rich interfaces to your browser-based users. Your web apps don’t simply mimic real applications – they become real applications, with native widgets, data matrices, data trees, grids, calendars, charts, and dashboards



In an instant, you can provide Business Intelligence dashboards to an iPhone. Let mobile users work in offline mode. Go completely platform-agnostic with an Adobe AIR version of your app.


Now, you really can be everywhere at once.